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Daisy's comeback

24/01/23Daisy's comeback

We recently helped a young local gymnast Daisy get back to what she loves the most – training, performing and winning medals at competitions.

Daisy at just 10 years old is one of North West Wales fantastic gymnasts who recently broke and dislocated her left elbow whilst doing gymnastics. The elbow had to be operated on with rods and screws being inserted. She was particularly upset because her arm was immobilised for several weeks and she was unable to complete the skills she loved so much.

Physiotherapy treatment

Mum booked her in with physiotherapist Adrian Duicu MCSP who immediately put her at her ease and assessed her arm. Daisy shared that her goal was to return to gymnastics at pre-injury level.

Adrian knew that the sooner action is taken the better the chance of full recover, as elbow fractures are difficult and there is a danger that even with physio it may not be possible to recover a full range of movement. There are advantages with an injury for a child that the body is still growing and heals faster but also protocols must be considered regarding the growing process in a child.

He was concerned that full movement may not be achieved and if it couldn’t be, i.e., the elbow couldn’t be straightened fully, then Daisy would have been unable to participate in gymnastics again, so there was a lot at stake.

Recovery Plan

Adrian developed a plan to be followed over the next 8 – 12 weeks and started treatment immediately, whilst the elbow was still in plaster, by working on the muscles around the area.

The steps of the plan were:

o   Impact activities on left elbow

o   Weights

o   Building up the muscles

Did she get there?

When Daisy entered the treatment room one day and very happily announced that she could do a rope climb only on her arms, they both knew that she was now ready to undertake serious training again.

She is now fully training and competing again. Her mum is very proud of her determination and achievements, but she is not the only one who has noticed!

Achievement Award!

In January 2023 Daisy attended an The North Wales Gymnastic awards ceremony in Llandudno and received a Recognition Award for coming back after injury and continuing to help with the pre-schoool gymnasts – even whilst still in a cast!

Daisy and mum are extremely grateful for the continued support from her coaches at Buckley Gymnastics Club.

Cherry on the cake

Adrian particular enjoys working with child athletes and giving them the opportunity to get back to their pre-accident injury status. When they achieve this – through his treatment, advice and their hard work, seeing the happiness in their faces is the cherry on the top of the cake for him.

Did you know?

We celebrated our 10-year anniversary in Wrexham last year. Our patient survey revealed that the top 6 jobs which seemed to cause bad backs were Healthcare, Teachers, Hairdressers, Office based workers, Tradesmen & women, Retirees and Drivers

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