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Pregnancy & Children

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Being born is single hardest things we experience in our live. We are in the lucky position of treating many pregnant women, babies and children at Back to Health. We firmly believe that chiropractic check ups are an important part of a healthy pregnancy. Every body is different and every pregnancy has specific musculoskeletal needs. The most common pregnancy related condition we treat is lower back pain and pelvic pain.

What causes back pain in pregnancy?

As the baby grows the mother’s body adapts to accommodate it. The role of the chiropractor is to make sure that the body is able to perform at it’s best to cope with pregnancy. A woman’s body changes during pregnancy - those changes include softening of ligaments, changes to posture and weight increase. That can lead to additional pressures on joints in various parts of the body, including spine or pelvis.

Chiropractic care in pregnancy is a safe and gentle way to promote comfort and minimise back pain during your pregnancy. Chiropractic may help relieve the stresses and strains on your body during pregnancy and after birth. Pregnancy can cause general aches and pains including joint and back pain. Chiropractic could help.

Chiropractic techniques on babies

Babies skeletons are softer than adults. Chiropractors will therefore use gentler techniques when treating babies.

Ashley has completed CPD training in Pregancy, Neonatal Seminars and Toddlers to Teens.

Did you know?

You don’t need to be in pain to book in at the clinic - Would you wait until you can’t see before seeing your optician or have your teeth fall out before booking in to see your dentist? You don’t wait until your car breaks down before getting your car serviced? We recommend you give your spine and muscular system an MOT just as you would your eyes, your teeth or your car. Just book in for an MSK screening appointment!

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