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Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms which are often linked to arthritis?

Many people have been diagnosed as having arthritis. It is very important to distinguish between the 2 main different types of arthritis as they have very different symptoms and prognoses.


Stiffness, especially in the mornings and after prolonged immobility. Pain is felt on getting out of a chair or out of a car. Joint pain - knees, hips and fingers are most commonly involved. The spine is also commonly affected and can cause intermittent leg pain on walking, as well as low back pain.

"Use it or lose it"

Arthritic joints can be likened to a rusty door hinge on a garden shed. After several months, the hinge begins to stiffen and rust sets in. Once the door is opened, it feels stiff as the rust has taken hold. If the door is opened and closed a few times, it begins to loosen off. Regular use of the door will keep the hinge loose. Joints in our body (especially the spine) work in a very similar way. After a period of immobility, the joints become stiff. Regular movement of these joints will help keep them more flexible and prevent stiffness from taking hold.

Regular movement of these joints will help keep joints more flexible and prevent stiffness taking hold.

People often talk about wear and tear of the joints. This can also be called arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, degeneration, spinal decay or degenerative joint disease. There are many forms of arthritis and it can affect people of all ages. The most common form is osteoarthritis. This means that there are degenerative changes in the joints. While chiropractic cannot reverse these changes, it can promote healthier joints by improving their function and mobility, decrease pain and discomfort and help slow any further wear and tear. Chiropractic can also decrease pain and speed up recovery, as well as, reduce the chances of recurrences.

Did you know?

Chiropractic is covered by all medical insurance companies and most healthcare cash plans! Our clinics are registered with all the major companies. We recommend you book in for a spinal and muscular screening to make the most of your policy

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