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Knee pain treatment at Back to Health

Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms which are often linked to knee pain?

The knee is probably the most common joint problem we see at Back to Health after the shoulder.

The knee joint is a simple hinge joint. Movement occurs in only one plane and strong ligaments prevent twisting and torsion.

Conditions most commonly & successfully treated

Whether the onset of the pain is traumatic or non-traumatic is critical for a correct diagnosis

Knee pain treatment at Back to Health

Traumatic onset, because of a fall, trip or during exercise is most likely a muscle strain or ligament sprain. The location of symptoms is usually sufficient to make an accurate diagnosis. Muscle help move a joint and ligaments help restrict too much movement. Therefore, when a joint is strained, both the ligaments and muscle are injured, and the joint is prone to further injury until both have fully healed. Returning to activity too soon is likely to cause a recurrence.

Treatment consists of encouraging a strong repair and avoiding relapses. Injured tissue takes up to three months to heal properly but the pain phase is usually short-lived. As a result, people often try to do too much before full repair has occurred, since they are soon out of pain. It is not uncommon to re-injure the same tissue again, causing more damage and prolonging the recovery.

Knee pain can be caused by muscle strain around the knee joint, injury to the knee, or may be referred pain from the spine. More chronic and severe knee pain may be due to wear & tear of the joint cartilage (osteoarthritis) or by progressive inflammation and stiffening of the joint (rheumatoid arthritis). Knee problems are commonly associated with mechanical dysfunction of the spine, pelvis or feet.

Pain on weight bearing and during or after exercise could be due arthritic problems or cartilage damage. This can be quite excruciating on certain movements, as the cartilage is caught in the joint between the upper and lower leg.

Your physiotherapist or chiropractor will aim to identify the root cause and outline a plan of treatment.

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