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Back to…

everyday life… sleeping… walking… dancing the foxtrot… rock climbing… horse-riding… sitting comfortably…
kickboxing… scuba diving… being out of pain… housework… driving… gardening… being normal… back to health…

It is clear from the daily messages and comments we receive from patients that we are getting our patient Back to Health. We are always delighted to receive patient comments on the services and treatments they receive at our clinics. Here is a snapshot of the many testimonials our patients send us each year. Names have been omitted to preserve confidentiality however we have used the patient clinic codes.

Thanks to Peter, I have been able to return to the dance floor and FOXTROT at the age of 95!
Peggy, Wrexham chiropractic patient

Excellent. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I am very impressed!
Chester Patient

Very pleased. A lot of my pain has disappeared after the first visit
Mold patient 983

The sense of relief provided by my care is like a light shining through the window in the dark. I am so grateful to the clinic team for all of their help
Wrexham patient 3422

I feel very relieved that I will be able to live a normal life again without the many restrictions I had previously
Chester Patient

Extremely happy with the service provided. Well explained, professional and most importantly I am now PAIN FREE!
Mold patient 261

Very pleased with the care I received from Kevin Steel and the staff at Back to Health. I am pain free now. Can’t get better than that. Great job Kevin & staff
Mold physiotherapy patient 582

This is my second round of treatment with Kevin. In the last months Kevin has been polite, professional and jovial. Fantastic treatment and an all-round great guy. I would definitely recommend Kevin to everybody
Wrexham patient 7182

Peter is so friendly and easy to talk to. It is great to build up trust like this and have been amazed by the progress made so far. Thank you. Have already recommended the Back to Health clinic to many friends and colleagues
Mold patient 5890

In 4 weeks the difference has been remarkable. My constant pain has gone and I am well on the road to full recovery. You really have made a difference Kevin
Wrexham patient 5461

Very pleased with the help received. Receptionists very friendly. I would definitely recommend Peter to other people. I won’t hesitate to come back for further treatment if needed in the future
Mold patient 1603

Speedy and effective treatment. A great improvement after even the first treatment. Such a relief after being in pain for such a long time. Thank you
Mold patient 1353

Coming here is the best thing I have ever done. It has given me my life back! Thank you Chris
Wrexham patient 7191

Thank you very much Peter. I feel suitably ‘fixed’ I wish you all the very best for the future
Helen H, Mold patient

I wish I had come to Back to Health years ago - it would have saved me a lot of pain and sleepless nights
Chester Patient

I can’t believe how quickly my problem has started to settle down. I wish I’d done something about it (back pain) years ago! Thank you
Chester Patient

Peter explains everything really well to give a better understanding of my overall condition. Receptionists very friendly and helpful
Mold patient 333

Friendly helpful staff who looked after me no-end. Understood what my job entailed and tailored treatment, exercises and advice around me.
Wrexham patient 5296

Did you know?

You don’t need to be in pain to book in at the clinic - Would you wait until you can’t see before seeing your optician or have your teeth fall out before booking in to see your dentist? You don’t wait until your car breaks down before getting your car serviced? We recommend you give your spine and muscular system an MOT just as you would your eyes, your teeth or your car. Just book in for an MSK screening appointment!

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