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Wrist / Hand

Wrist pain treatment at Back to Health

Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms which are often linked to wrist and hand pain?

Physical therapists almost all agree that successfully treating the lower arm, wrist and hand is complex and challenging!

The wrist and hand are extremely complex and can move with more precision than any other region in the body. There are 19 bones in the hand alone, 8 in the wrist and 2 in the forearm. The wrist purpose is to function as a flexible link between the hand and the forearm. Because of its complexity and the frequency and diversity of the actions it is utilised in, the wrist is particularly prone to overuse, misuse and trauma.

Conditions most commonly & successfully treated

Did you know?

You don’t need to be in pain to book in at the clinic - Would you wait until you can’t see before seeing your optician or have your teeth fall out before booking in to see your dentist? You don’t wait until your car breaks down before getting your car serviced? We recommend you give your body an MOT just as you would your eyes, your teeth or your car. Contact the clinic to book your appointment!

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