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Neck pain treatment at Back to Health

Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms which are often linked to neck pain?

Neck pain is the second most common condition treated at Back to Health

The neck is known as the cervical spine and is comprised of 7 vertebrae joined together with discs allowing movement in all directions. The neck is the most mobile area of the spine and this combined with the volume of nerves in the area makes it a very complex and sensitive region. Neck problems can elicit many more symptoms other than pain and restriction, including dizziness, visual blurring, headaches, nausea, arm pain and more.

Your clinician will take a detailed history then perform a thorough examination to determine which structures in the neck are involved and how they are causing your symptoms.

A very short guide to self-diagnosis!

  • Sharp pain - Indicates inflammation. This can occur with tendons, bursas or indeed the joint itself
  • Ache - Often originates from muscular problems, tightness or overuse
  • Restriction - Can occur when the joint itself is involved as with osteoarthritis or can be restricted by pain from muscle and tendon problems
  • Weakness - May be associated with pain or can be directly caused through nerve involvement
  • Numbness and Tingling - Indicates nerve involvement. When the hand is involved, the nerves can be irritated anywhere from the neck to the wrist or hand itself

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Friendly, courteous staff, knowledgeable practitioner (Peter). It seems as if I’m heading in the right direction and starting to feel relief after many years of being in pain with my neck
Mold patient 332

Very impressed. I can definitely recommend Back to Health. Ease of movement greatly improved and more comfortable sitting and walking. My posture is improving too. Pain is much better
Wrexham patient 6759

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Did you know?

Your GP can refer you to chiropractors because they are regulated by the General Chiropractic Council in the same way as medical doctors are regulated by the General Medical Council. Sadly, you will still need to pay for your treatment as chiropractic care is not provided within the NHS in this area of the country. If you disagree with this, let your GP know!

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