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Enhancing your mobility with a spinal wave

18/08/21Enhancing your mobility with a spinal wave

There's lots of reasons to get our spine moving and the wave is a simple yet effective exercise.

When sat around a lot we stiffen up and also our joint capsules and ligaments rely on movement to get nutrients unlike our muscles which receive nutrients when our heart is pumping blood to them.



•    Start standing half your foot away from a wall facing it
•    Touch one point at a time to the wall: nose –> chin –> chest –> top of ribs –> abdomen –> pelvis and back to the nose
•    Start slowly and practice every day for 5 to 10min and you should soon notice a difference
Juraj Janco - Sports Therapist at Back to Health

Did you know?

The BPS (Bio psycho social) model proposes that health is best understood in a combination of biological, psychological and social factors rather than purely biological (medical) ones. Our chiropractors follow an evidence based, patient centred BPS model for all our care

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