If leaving lockdown is making you nervous, take a look at our tips

12/05/21If leaving lockdown is making you nervous, take a look at our tips

Leaving lockdown is what we have been waiting for and is an exciting time. Feeling positive and making plans to see friends and family, taking spontaneous day trips and simply not having to think about coronavirus all the time.

Is that you? If so that’s great. However Frankie our health and wellbeing lead, is well aware that not all of us are finding it easy as the moment.

We have been living in very challenging times over recent months and this has drastically affected both our physical and mental health and has meant significant life changes and upheaval for many of us as it has been affecting all aspects of our lives. As lockdown is gradually coming to a close we are now facing a massive period of change as we adjust to a different way of life, which isn’t likely to be the same as the one we had before. This will be different for everyone even people sharing a household or in close relationships with someone else.  It will be uncharted territory and we need to be prepared to give and receive support to others and ourselves in order to reduce stress and anxiety as much as possible.

Many of the concerns we have had during the pandemic will not automatically disappear at a specific date and many people will remain wary about the risks and anxious as restrictions are lifted.

For people who haven’t left their house for weeks and months just being out in public will be daunting. For others who have found lockdown an opportunity to step out of the hurly burley of life it may be a challenge to take up the reins of their life once again.

People with existing mental health problems may feel particularly vulnerable both by their recent experiences and the prospect of the unknown that lies ahead of them and what support they need and what will be available.

There is no doubt that this is a time when we need to be aware of our needs and develop strategies to address them, some of these tips might help:

  1. Build it up slowly at first, if you’re feeling uncertain identify your priorities and tackle things one at a time. You may prefer to tackle the easiest one first which could give you some easy wins. It’s up to you to decide, you just don’t have to do everything at once.
  2. Focus on what you can control. Other people might have their own ideas but you’re the one who can control your own actions. Keep informed about whatever the most recent guidelines are and develop your own routine and lifestyle.
  3. Decide what you are comfortable with and use your own judgement to make your own decision. Try not to be influenced or led by other’s opinions if they’re not right for you.
  4. Be practical and make plans, think ahead and anticipate what might happen so you can be prepared for it
  5. Don’t expect ‘new normal’ to feel normal at all, this is going to take time.
  6. Make your health and well being a priority, take care of your diet, get whatever exercise works for you, try to get a decent night’s sleep and maintain and nurture the positive activities and relationships in your life, keep all healthcare appointments
  7. Explore relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Don’t wait till your anxiety levels have escalated before trying to use them, you need to be familiar and comfortable about using them so you can reduce the risk of your anxious feelings getting out of control.
  8. Talk to people you trust, if you find your anxieties and worries are ongoing and affecting your life consider contacting a reputable mental health help line or seek professional help from GP or an allied professional.
  9. Don't try and follow all these tips at once.  Decide which to follow first.  When you are ready, come back to this page and decide what to do next!

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